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Reviewed by Gill Anderson

My Beta Switch Review – I have been doing the beta switch program now for 9 week and I know Its a 12 week long course but I have enough information now to write my review. Not only is it a loss weight course which is why you are probably reading this but its also a lifestyle course as well.

I had to change quite a big deal to do this program and If you’re one of those guys or girls that dont like change then I suggest you stop reading this now and go eat some chocolate.

the beta switch is basically a program that you control what you eat and drink, what you should do and dont just like all diets really, but the difference is that you will learn what will help burn fat in your body and thats the key


Support for this course is brilliant, It’s so much better to have great support and have people help you with your goals as It did mine. You always need support when you’re feeling down in the dumps and with no one to talk to and lack of support is why people quit in any new course.  you get a 3 month membership to Tight and toned support system through the beta switch which I feel is essential as they help you mentally.



I am doing at the moment week 9 of the 12 week Program and really am starting to get in shape and removing my stubborn fat from where I dont want it. Yes you’re going to do exercises but it’s better than dieting alone and you really will burn that horrible fat.


How It really Works

Its a very different principle that being on a normal diet as these diets are very strict and when you change your body quickly, you will gain more fat as your body thinks you might be starving. This is a very different approach and is proven science as it allows you to focus on the nutritional side of what you eat and drink and exercise well and will change your body and your fats from the inside first. Which makes a lot of sense as everything come first from within.

Does it work?

Like anything that you do in life, it will only work if YOU put the focus and work in like I found out and yes it does. Very well. I would not say its the best program out there but for a few bucks and some determination. Its a good all round program and the support is great (even though it’s only for a few months)

Hope you enjoyed my Beta Switch Review. 🙂



beta switch

beta switch












            • Brilliant Support
            • Backed up by Science
            • I lost a jean size in 7 Days
            • No Hard Exercise routines
            • Not Intense Course


            • Cost on nutrition
            • Cost on gym membership (optional)
            • Sue Is Hot (me being Jealous)
            • Price of course is Going up
            • Only designed for women

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