Metabolic Cooking – Fat Loss Cookbook Review

Metabolic Cooking Review

Official Site: Metabolic Cooking

Reviewed By Amanda Drew.

What Is Metabolic Cooking?

Basically, Your body Burns Calories for everything you do and That includes Eating and Digestion, Yes You read that right. Your body actually burns calories Digesting food.

Your Metabolism Burns differently to Different foods. So Metabolic cooking is the way of creating food dishes that help you burn more calories.

An example is that Spicy food can make your Heart Beat A lot faster and burn even more calories. But that’s just an example as you won’t want to eat Spicy foods All the time as it hurts coming out (sorry).


Food is something that we all take for granted as its so easy to get. Especially things with a lot of sugar in them. We all do have a sweet tooth and a Good tip is Never go shopping on an empty stomach as you know your buy more than you need.

Food really does play such a vital part in your everyday life and even though its brilliant for you it is also your own worse devils.

You can change your health literally by changing your diet. Overdose on sugar or order a super size from a burger chain can really add up over a few months.

not so healthy takeaway

I am not slating bad food here what so ever, There’s nothing better than a cheeky takeaway but me and you don’t need to eat this all the time.

So anyway let us get on with my Metabolic Cooking Review

What is In the Metabolic Cooking Method?

The Metabolic Cooking review programme is hundreds of ebooks all in one place. You get all the information on how to start food that is very edible that also helps your metabolism burn those calories.

I have seen a lot of cooking books in my time and these being basic did not get me very overwhelmed like a lot of cookbooks do.

You just get this and that and put it all together.

Heres a breakfast example recipe.

apple pancakes

Who doesn’t love apple Pancakes? A very simple recipe to get your day off to a bang.


The Actual Metabolic Cooking Program

The Program consists of over 260+ Recipes, Will say I have not tried all of them but about 50%, While the majority of them are nice there are quite A few I did Not Like the taste off. I cant tell you what they are as everybody is different especially with food.

The positive is that as the whole package comes with lots of different books from breakfast, Lunch, and dinner. It also has recipes for snacks and for vegetarians.

They are all healthy recipes and will help you lose weight as I found that out my self, I have lost weight to my surprise but it does take a bit of time and responsibility.

==> Click here to view 20 FREE Recipes (Your Find It halfway Down The Page)

How Metabolic Cooking works

Keeping this simple and basic, With all the information that you download in which You Might find overwhelming at first but everything new usually is.

The genius idea that is all packaged together is to help you choose the best recipes for your lifestyle and taste. You’re not going to like all of them.

So you get the recipes that are very close to your favorite foods and desserts so no real need of getting rid of things you already love to eat.

This is no Juicing Diet as we all know even Juicing is so good for you, It is bloody Boring as Hell!!!!

But still, You have to take full responsibility in your weight loss program and no cheating to see results. But again there are some really tasty foods here including tasty snack and very tasty treats (that I am a sucker for)

Every trainer in the world will tell you its about 80% control of what goes into your body and about 20% exercise for great weight loss.

So Commit and succeed without getting rid of your favorite meals, just a better for your body version.

Who Made The Metabolic Cooking Program?

Dave Ruel

Dave Ruel

Dave Ruel from The North of America is a very trusted and respective fitness cook and 100% passionate in eating very tasty foods that are very very good for your body.

Dave Ruel is also fitness coach, a nutritionist, a competitive bodybuilder, and is also the author of another book titled “anabolic cooking.” (if your into muscle building check it out)

He really does believe you can lose weight and keep your body intact without meals to be dull and boring.

He has seen hundreds of fitness freaks go down the road of boring food like steamed chicken and boring baked potatoes that has nothing on.  He knows and has shown there is a better way to eat while maintaining your fitness.

As he states and endorses, you won’t be dieting, just eating very healthy cause you will love the meals.


Karine Losier

Karine Losier

Karine Losier is the partner of Dave and the partner author of the Metabolic Cooking review, She can be found on youtube under her alter ego of  ‘Lean Kitchen Queen’ or her own website.

Karine is very highly passionate about fitness and healthy eating. Shes mastered the kitchen and tried and tested new ways of making boring food into great tasting healthy foods. Simply she is a Kitchen Renegade.

She does claim to have a master’s degree in the psychology field but I haven’t seen any evidence on this and can’t be bothered to search for it.

Just to make sure that these people are real, I have to google both (as you do) and I do know they are real. If you can be bothered to google them.

What Sort Of Recipes Does The Metabolic Cooking Review Have?

As stated before, The Metabolic Cooking Cook Book consists off well over 255+ Recipes all designed for getting your metabolism going up a lot better than normal and this really helps fighting fat. Heres a few Meal Recipes which are included. Tasty Dishes like Ginger Beef, Asian Turkey Burgers, Hot Paprika Shrimp, Apple Mustard Pork Tenderloin, Kale Chips, Cajun Sweet Style Potatoes, Southwestern Eggs and Thermoccino Smoothies.

In Fact, You can Download these recipes for Free Here }>>Download 10 Free  Fat Burning Recipes PDF

Just to get a Free taste for what and How easy the recipes are.


This is one of my favorite meals for in the week, Lemon Mustard & Herb Chicken. Totally Tasty and totally healthy with only 123 Calories and will help burn fat.

Who Is The Cooking Program for?

Apart from supreme Athletics (as these programs to basic for them) and People who are always on the go, Its pretty much for anyone that wants to lose those pounds.

If you love cooking, love trying out new recipes and you are someone that sticks to something. This program is for you.

If your someone that won’t be bothered with shopping for new stuff or don’t like trying out new things, then I don’t recommend it for you.  Other than that it is pretty much for anyone.


What I Like about Metabolic Cooking Programme

Basically, I personally enjoyed most of the healthy recipes but not all of them but think the thought and process have really gone into the program. Years of cooking experience with the aid of nutritional experts can easily be seen in here.

I did skip the Vegetarian Book (sorry, please don’t shoot me). I enjoyed mostly the Dinner and breakfast cookbooks as I stated earlier Apple Pancakes starts me off very well in the morning.

The layout of the ebooks is very good and I did appreciate the fat loss Optimizer which you will like too. It was really good to see the nutritional intake to like fat, protein, carbs and for most of us the old calorie counter which is easy to read.

Easy to navigate, Presentation is very important and a big defo in a cookbook. Good Pictures, Easy to understand and easy to follow. Done in a fresh basic way to make preparing and cooking a breeze.

During my Metabolic Cooking review, I learned new skill set on the topic of  “thermogenesis

What I also like about programs like these is the 60-day Satisfaction money back guarantee. If you don’t like it, get your money back.

and last but not least FOOD, I love food and love cooking so Yeah Food.

What I Did not Like about Metabolic Cooking Programme

I didn’t like all the meals I made and a few were damn right Horrible. Maybe I didn’t do it right or maybe they just shoved it in as extras. I didn’t do any of the vegetarian meals (again sorry).

Its a shame they didn’t have a complimentary hard copy delivered to your door, Sometimes my eyes go funny looking and reading the guides on my desktop. printing off the guides and recipes was much better.

There is a lot of content in the ebook and Even though that’s not really a bad thing, It is time-consuming.

A few of the recipes can hurt your wallet if your not careful and don’t plan to get your goods and stuff from a good supermarket.

Is The Metabolic Cooking Programme a Scam?

Nope, I love this question. Some people will put it on Youtube and will tell you everything is a scam. Haters are going to hate and always will.

What I Think of the Metabolic Cooking Review Program

Before I let you know my thoughts, I just want to empathize on why I loved this program, I am someone that loves cooking and someone that loves trying new things. I enjoy cooking from all different regions in the world and tasting new foods.

So that’s why I gave this course a big thumbs up, Even though it is not perfect and I will put all the cons and pros below. But more importantly, I lost weight while Sticking to there diets and meal plans.



The negatives of the book do not out way the very high quality of the cooking programme. You don’t get 1 good book here you get all 9 with a lot of bonus packs off about 21 books. All with great information that if you bought all the books online these days individually would cost you around $300+.

If you’re a beginner or a health worrier and you really want the change to a healthy lifestyle I will recommend this book and course.

I also have a fitness husband that always on at me to cook more healthy style choices and this ebook was a no-brainer. I am glad I purchased it and Hope you Will benefit from it too.



full refund


Still, don’t want, That’s fine but here’s a free gift for you, 10 Great Free recipes in PDF format from the Metabolic Cooking Cook Book for reading my Metabolic Cooking Review.




There is a lot of scamming sites out there if you are going to buy the programme make sure that you get it from the right Website here. As some sites will charge you twice as much for the same program

>>>Official Website >>>

Thanks for reading my Metabolic Cooking Review. A.Drew 🙂

Metabolic Cooking

Metabolic Cooking




  • Ingredients are Easy.  About 95% of the ingredients can be found at your local superstore but you might have to go to a specialized store to get some others. 
  • 60 Day money Back Guarantee if You're Not Satisfied.
  • Very Easy To Follow instructions, You Don't Have to Be A Chef to do them.
  • Very Informative as all meals show all the nutrition information.
  • Vegetarian Options are included in the program.


  • No Hardcopy, Online Only.
  • Course is Designed for the Average person that wants to lose Weight. Not for Athletic People.
  • You Really Need to be focused and prepared to eat well.
  • Some of the Recipes Can Be Expensive but You Don't need To Cook Everything.
  • No Top book. You just jump into the books and there is no real way of navigating. You will have to just trust the recipes and their word for it. Lucky for me, I figured it out.

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