Old School New Body Review or Is It A Scam?

old school new body review

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Reviewed By Tom Jones (not that one, and it’s not unusual (sorry sorry Sorry))


Good afternoon or whatever time you’re reading my review for the old school new body review program, Before I start I just want to say a little bit about me, At the time of print I am a middle-aged man (44 to be precise), married to a great wife, I have a full-time career and have 3 Amazing kids. Before I started this program I weighed in over 210lbs. Which isn’t really that heavy but itis certainly not healthy.


The first Question I would like to answer is:-

Is old school new body review a Scam?

The OldSchoolNewBody review programme is Not a Scam, Is a fitness and health program and just Like a lot of programs, you’re going to get people saying its a scam. I always find out in life when you have to pay and have to work. People will just criticize things before trying. Its the easy way out, I guess.

having an open mind is great if you are a negative person you probably would be searching for “old school new body negative reviews”. This is neither a negative or Positive. Its what I found out in this program, you will have both. An honest review of a middle-aged man.

Who Is The Program For?

Male or Females or If I am going to be politically correct, also The program is for Non-Binary People too. the age group is really between anything over 40 so dads, moms granddads and grandmothers can do it (check with your doctor first as I am not responsible for your safety) but Generally anyone over 40 that wants to get fitter and healthier.


What is the old school new body review Program?

The old school New body program is designed and styled around the life of Us old People, Well not that old but around the middle age mark. It is a programme to develop a healthy mind that we (and me) to really get out of that day to day rat race we live in and be a bit more concerned about our health style.

You probably know the score, wake up, wash, get kids ready, go to work, come home, have dinner, watch tv for an hour, go to bed. Day after day after day.

We have hit now at least 40 years around this planet and do the same thing almost every day so this is what the programme is marketed for. The middle age men and women that want to get healthier and become stuck in a rut that they think (as was I) they have not got time to do a programme or go to the gym.


So What actually does old school new body review Consist Of?

So the old school new body is an exercise program for us old gits, Yes you included it consists of the F4X workout system which is not as intense of a young person’s exercise program but it will get you sweating and losing those pounds. Don’t worry, You can do it. It’s not like that extremely athletic program called “Insanity”, now that I can’t do and won’t even bother trying.

Oldschoolnewbody review program consists of four really focused exercise routines that have 3 levels of intensity.  Called The F4X. We have the F4x Lean (for beginners),  F4X Shape (intermediate training) and F4X Build (For Advanced Users).

Each module has 4 Focused routines that are all focused on the core of the body. They Include Incline Presses, Squats, upright rows and Bent over rows. Don’t let this put you off, It is not as hard as you think as I found out.

The F4X Workouts Plans.

Time to Plan

The F4X 3 workout plans in which I found out consists of 30-90 mins of either low, medium or intense activity a week, it is not that hard considering more intense programs are 60-90 mins of hard exercise 5 days a week. The F4X workout focuses on these safe exercise regimes

F4x Lean.

Getting your body moving is the great way to start and with the F4X lean exercises its designed for the person (like me) who hasn’t for some reason been running or up the gym. (I did blame lack of time for this but that was just a great excuse).

You get 4 exercise routines and they only last for about half an hour, I found that I could easily get 3-4 routines in a week as they are only 30 mins long. They made me sweat and always get that feel good mood after. Don’t be put off like I did for a while, When I start something like this my mind always says I cant do it. Even though I did do it, I didn’t keep up with it but that was the start and I got better as I went on.



So after When I got good with the F4X Lean (not amazing but good) I upped the game and went into the F4X Shape. Another 4 programs that are harder and last for around 45 minutes and found myself actually doing well with this 4 core routines and done them 3 times a week without really disturbing my wife or kids.

Tip. If you do get this course, if your a beginner then Start off with the F4X lean first, Don’t just jump into it. Your body needs to adapt to the change of lifestyle.

F4X Build

The f4x build is really designed for people who want to really maximize there input/output. These 3 workouts are really intense and last for around the 60 minutes mark. After a week of doing these routines, I found that it was a bit too extreme for me and really do think they should not of put it in the course.

I wanted to get fit not Bulk.

old school new body review
“Get To The Chopper – Be Bulk-Like Me”
No Thanks, Arnold.

It is very intense and would only recommend the F4X Build to people who want to get bulkier and stronger. Don’t recommend to people who want to lose weight and get fit (like me).


So that’s the 3 different levels of the F4X Program, Each one is for different kinds of people and you will find one for you. Mine was the F4X Lean and sometimes the F4X Shape. Didn’t really do much with the F4X bulk as I said before, I wanted to get fitter and lose weight.


The Real Question. Does old school new body review Work, Do You Lose Weight and Feel Fitter?

The Answer to that is Yes and Yes. I have done the old school new body review program for 8 weeks and lost 20lbs, That might not seem a lot but I know I have got more muscle instead. Muscle weighs heavier than fat so I know I replaced fat with defined muscle. So Yes it Does Work as Long as you do. No pain No Gain.

Also, I feel A lot more alert and awake than I did 10 weeks ago, I have more get up and go with me as my Wife keeps telling me. Shes as pleased as me and in fact she has now started to do the program. So it does inspire people around you.


Is there a Secret to old school new body review Program?

Not really, Its an old tried and tested formula of Eat Healthy in which the program does come with a good diet but I prefer to use the Metabolic Cooking.  as it haves better-tasting meals. I cut down takeaways and fast food as well and cooked more healthy options like salmon with greens.

Sleep Well, 7-8 Hours good night sleep is plenty. But I mean good nights sleep not a drunken one.

Exercise Consistently, Consistency is the key to getting good results, Not just once. At least 3 times a Week and done properly not half-hearted.


The Old School New Body Workouts In Depth.

I just writing this section not to scare you off but to get your mind used to what you will be doing at home for 3 times a week and 30 to 60 minutes. This is what I found out for myself

I bought the program form the official site of OldSchoolNewBody.com and downloaded all the information and workouts etc and noticed they talk a lot and bag on about their exclusive F4X training protocols. I had to get some weights or dumbells (if you haven’t got any, your going to need to get a cheap pair. I bought mine from Amazon Here.)

I had to do a moderate 15 reps with a 35-second gap in between and do 4 sets of these and found it to be a bit tough to start with. It really sounds easy but it is harder than you think. After the 3rd and 4th set I noticed that it was straining my muscle which is a good thing.

I noticed that while doing the workouts the rest becomes smaller and smaller so for people who have not got much time. You will fly through the workouts very quickly which means your heart is always beating faster and harder burning those goddam calories up. Also, I noticed after the exercise regime my heart will still beating quite fast even half hour after the workout session.

This is also known as the After Effect, Where your burning calories while your resting and you don’t even realize it.

that’s just an example of one of the routines to be done. I just thought I would let you know if you could do it.

Old School New Body Motivation

One of the best things I found with this program, Is the power of the mind. Where motivation comes from and how to get you more motivated. Your brain without question is the most important and how you think is just as important. This is like all things, the power to get going and I found out this really helped me in

The reason I wanted to get fit and lose weight, Looked into my habits by writing all the bad ones down and replace them with good ones. Also found out that it helped me to plan my weight loss too. I am convinced it will help all of you too to get motivated and do something.

oldschoolnewbody review
Brain Power. You Can Train It The Right Way!


Do I Have time To Do The Old School New Body Course?

If you have time to watch Tv, Mess Around on your phone, Play sports, do this do that. Yes, you got time to do this course. I asked that question to myself and realized there is a lot of time that we do that is not constructed what so ever. If you think you haven’t got the time read this article at wiki about Time Management. You will realize you have a lot more time to do things that you think. You have so much time in the week but it is up to you to do something about it.

oldschoolnewbody time management
Plenty Of Time.


I feel Tired All The time and Don’t Have Enough energy to do this.

That probably a good reason to do a course like this. I’m not saying do this course but anything that’s going to get you fitter so you’re not drained too much. If you do nothing in life then your body will adjust and be tired and want to do nothing. When you get active your body will respond the same way and behave with more energy. Also, your diet might be wrong and you go for the easy and fast food option which is not so nutritionist for your body making you feel tired all the time.

Authors of the Old school New Body Review Programme.

To be honest, I can’t be bothered to write about them, If you want to know more about Steve & Becky Holman, google them or check out their webpage here. I am like you just interested in the programme.


Negative Things About Old School New Body

  • Lots of Fluff, Even though there is great information there is also a lot of info that didn’t really need to be in this. Just adding numbers I thought.
  • Interviews are rather extraneous and some of them or boring, Could off had a bit more passion in for my liking.
  • Anti Aging – The claim, Well I feel fitter and healthier but I don’t look younger but that’s my opinion anyway.
  • Supplement information is average and I personally didn’t think it was well written.
  • the layout of the program was a bit hard to read at first and will take you a bit of getting used to.
  • I didn’t really like its diet, I thought it was bland but that’s my opinion.


Positive Things About Old School New Body

  • Versatility – Very versatile and you can do it at home or in the gym and designed for anyone mature that needs some weight lifting.
  • Only 30mins – 3 times a week. Easily fit into any demanding schedule.
  • Easy on the Joints. Really good exercises that won’t hurt you.
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee – Who doesn’t like that?
  • Good results within 2 weeks of the program. Made me keep going back.
  • Illustrations – Helped me not to injure myself and taught me how to do the exercises properly


Summary of Old School New Body Review

The old school new body review programme got me of watching too much tv and losing weight while getting fitter. It’s not as hard as some of the other course’s out there and I found that doing it in the comfort of my own home (in my shorts with the curtains closed) very useful and not needing to drive miles to get to the gym. I didn’t like the nutritional side but I like the workouts and only recommend the whole old school new body review programme to anyone that’s middle-aged and wants to sweat some fat off. get off your sofa and into a healthier lifestyle.

Thanks For reading my old school new body review. Tom Jones (it’s not unusual to be loved by anyone)


Warning. old school new body review Scam

Here is the old school new body review Scam and it is not just on this site but others too. Some people like to be greedy and download and make up another website, A clone of the official website and charge 2,3 or 4 Times the amount. So stay safe and get the best Deal on the Official Website Here.


We will Never Send you to Unofficial Website.

Old School New Body

Old School New Body




  • 100% Money Back Garantee, Not happy get your money back.
  • Very versatile - At home or gym
  • Only 30mins - 3 times a week. Fo good results
  • Easy on the Joints
  • Good results within 2 weeks


  • Lots of Fluff, Useless Info
  • Interviews are boring.
  • Anti Aging Claim. look Younger - Really?
  • Supplement information is average
  • Diet is Bland, Needs spicing up.

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