Perfect Weight Forever Review

Perfect Weight Forever Review.

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Reviewed by Ali Jones.

How I getting on with Marisa Peer – weight lose program? Before I go into that Just thought I would let you know a little bit about me.

Im in my 40’s and I have had very negative thoughts about foods and myself, Always thinking that I am fat and nothing would fit me hated going into my wardrobe to try dresses on and always ending up crying in my pjs to myself eating Ice cream. I Really did have a poor self esteem and wrestled with food and my body image most of my Life.

Doing the perfect weight forever program has really triggered and Identified key areas where my self esteem has come from in the past which is really good and positive and Has made a big Impact on my progress to weight loss. Currently at the moment after listening to all the downloads and reading the books from Marisa Peer I am really doing really well, thinking really positive about myself, Not eating as much, not wanting to eat certain foods, look forward going out to dinner and eating healthy and really tasty foods while challenging the restaurants to what I want. I am eating a lot less now and I am actually leaving food on my plate as I enjoy the food but not wanting to be a pig of myself. I cant believe that I have eating meals in the last week and Not wanting to finish them off which is really a positive thing for me.

I Just really enjoy good food now and I dont really look at doughnuts, cakes or other things like that – that I used to crave for Which is very positive and my progress so far is that I have done really well and I am doing very well. My clothes are feeling baggy, I dont feel so down and tired as much, I have lost 8lbs and will continue to lose weight.

my, myself and I

Myself after 3 weeks of the program!


Conclusion on my the Perfect Weight Forever review. The program really good and Impressed me and I think its one of the best programs that I have ever done and Will continue to use it. The strongest points it helped me and will help you maintain a good weight without having to think about it.

As I said before I used to feel like crap and I would comfort eat when I used to feel all alone and fat and ugly and thats why Marisa Peer is a great system toward any one that feels negative about themselves. You’re not alone and I feel that my confidence is sky rocketing.

This Isnt a Quick Fix program what so ever, Stick with it and you will be shocked about how it will change your way of thinking as It did Mine. Very Good course and I do recommend it. Thanks for reading my Perfect Weight Forever Review and Hope it Benefits you.  


Perfect Weight Forever

Perfect Weight Forever

Does It Work


Course Price


Course Presentation







  • Really Works
  • Changed My Thinking Towards My Self Esteem And Foods.
  • Very Positive Course
  • Good Support
  • 60 Day Money back Guaranteed.


  • You really Need To be open Minded With the Program.
  • I dont Think This is Really designed for men.
  • Only Digital Downloads.
  • Hard to Start believing In yourself
  • Need to concentrate On The Downloads for best Results.

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