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Reviewed by Leslie Borrows

My Yoga Burn for women review!!!

Yoga has to be one of the most boring, sleepiest and laziest exercise programs ever and Im not a big fan of yoga at all but I will say this course Is a little better than normal yoga and wakes you up a bit instead of falling a sleep like I normally do while I’m doing yoga.

So if you’re not falling asleep already, I’m going to tell you this is actually more positive yoga as it’s based on the Dynamic Sequencing Yoga which will help you perform all the moves properly to help you lose weight and tone up your muscles, as the moves are more challenging than normal boring yoga!

It is a 12 week course designed to really lose a lot of weight and really firm that body of yours up and it was all designed By Zoe Bray-Cotton. She does a good job and I found out the moves are hard to begin with but the more I practiced them the easier it got and I do think they will suit even the first timer in yoga.

So in the 12 week course, It has 3 sections that span over 4 weeks each, At the start I was finding it a bit difficult to follow the moves but after a while I did really get into it and found out my body was stretching more and more day by day. You will do the course 4 days out of 7 and rest the other days which Is not that hard to do as I found out.

The first section is based on the rest of the sections but its the beginner sections and will build a bridge for you to do the next sections where My weight lose really started and kicked in. I does take time to start losing the weight and firming up but Its better to go slowly to start of with than bang out straight away.

My Conclusion

The question is, Does it work? Do you lose weight? Do you firm up

The answer to this is yes yes and yes but as you probably noticed I am not a keen lover of yoga! I didnt really enjoy doing this kind of activity to help me lose weight. I do prefer fast and furious but I will recommend this course for anyone that likes it easy(ish) and I dont recommend it for the people who want results fast! Its Good, its nice but Can Bore me zzz.

Thanks for reading my yoga burn for women Review, hope you enjoy it!
















  • For Beginners to Advanced
  • Easy to Follow
  • Convenent
  • Works Well
  • 100% Money back Garantee


  • Too easy For Some
  • Download Only
  • Different Results For different people
  • Really Only for women
  • Yoga zzzz

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